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Thursday, June 18, 2009

they live

Timeline for The Kilcullen Incident.
The Lights Of June.
Friday 23rd June 2006.
Sometime after 2.05am. Police in Naas receive phone calls from people claiming to have seen UFO's.
2.10am. Tom Healy sees lights from his garden while locking up his dog. The lights are motionless in the sky over the Wicklow mountains. He goes to an upstairs room in his house and begins filming them with a video camera.
2.15am. The lights are seen from the town of Newbridge, seven miles from Naas.
2.20am. Noel Herbert sees the lights as he drives home from work. They seem to him to be over Naas race course.
2.25am. Christy Byrne sees the lights from Kilberry near the town of Athy, twenty miles south of Naas.
2.30am. Naas police send a squad car to the race course to investigate. The police "saw something." They refuse to comment further.
2.35am. Dancers at a party in Carlow, forty five miles from Naas see the lights.
2.40am. Police are now receiving phone calls from a fifty mile stretch of countryside which includes the towns of Naas, Newbridge, Kilcullen, Athy and Carlow.
3.00am. There are no further sightings of the lights after this time.
3.30am. James Healy rings Fox News in New York, CNN in Atlanta, the BBC, The Times of London, The Irish Times and Independent Newspapers attempting to interest them in the video of the lights taken by his father Tom. James is quite suprised at how hurtful media professionals can be when they are deeply amused by something. James is not accustomed to being mocked by journos on two different continents in the course of one night. He is quite nonplussed.


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