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Monday, June 15, 2009

the lights of june

Yes folks we're approaching the third anniversary of the most widespread UFO sighting in Irish history, known to aficionados of such things as The Kilcullen Incident. On the 23rd of June 2006 at around 3am, reports began to flood in from across South Kildare of strange luminous objects hovering in the sky. Disco revellers in Athy saw them. Police officers in the town of Naas did likewise. In Kilcullen the sightings were clearest, lasted longest, and produced the best photos. Ahem. My dear old Dad made a video of the objects. I took the photos from the video images as we played them on our television screen. The incident was the source of intense speculation for a while. Eventually two separate Irish army sources told me that in their expert opinion, the objects were army parachute flares. Both sources were impeccable. One was the procurement officer for the Irish army, in charge of buying such items. The other had extensive overseas experience in various combat zones. Both testified independently of each other, independently of any army or outside influence, and presumably independently of alien control, that they were satisfied the UFO's were Irish army flares seen from a great distance. Army sources confirmed that a night exercise was underway on the Wicklow mountains at the time of the sightings. There is a probability in excess of 90 percent that the objects are what the army officers say they are. I have remained unwilling to say the probability is 100 percent. This is because both officers themselves refused to say they were 100 percent certain. One added: "I wouldn't bet my mortgage on it if that's what you mean."


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